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Glass 3,181t
Based in Luxembourg, Ardagh Glass Limited is a worldwide packaging producer operating 109 glass and metal manufacturing facilities in 22 countries. The company uses up to 90 per cent recycled material in its glass packaging produced in its glass production plants in Barnsely and Knottingley.
Destination Type:
Barnsley, England
Knottingley, England
Wakefield, England

Barnsley, England
Glass 2017/18 1,996.0t
Glass 2016/17 1,133.7t
Glass 2015/16 108.7t
Glass 2014/15 142.8t
Wakefield, England
Glass 2017/18 1,184.7t
Glass 2016/17 767.2t
Glass 2015/16 589.8t
Knottingley, England
Glass 2016/17 358.9t
Glass 2015/16 374.5t
Glass 2014/15 226.6t