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Textiles 536t
Econpro is a specialist group of companies that transforms wastes and by-products into sustainable products for industrial sector, such as DuraDrain, a kerb and drainage system, as well as kerbstones and carpet tiles which are made up of 100 per cent recycled material.
Destination Type:
Birkenhead, England
Shotton, Wales
Upton, England

Shotton, Wales
Textiles 2017/18 367.3t
Textiles 2016/17 328.1t
Textiles 2015/16 335.4t
Textiles 2014/15 450.3t
Birkenhead, England
Textiles 2017/18 168.8t
Textiles 2016/17 168.4t
Textiles 2015/16 220.2t
Textiles 2014/15 356.9t