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Glass 1,197t
Glass Tech Recycling focuses on closed loop recycling, collecting waste materials (such as plate glass, plastic or metal) and then cleaning, sorting, grading and recycling the products back into the industry they originated from. The end product could be raw materials for loft insulation or a sand replacement aggregate for building industries and landscapers.
Destination Type:
Blaenhonddan, Wales
Landore, Wales
Llandarcy, Wales

Llandarcy, Wales
Glass 2017/18 1,089.0t
Glass 2016/17 780.8t
Glass 2015/16 13,029.2t
Glass 2014/15 8,517.8t
Blaenhonddan, Wales
Glass 2017/18 89.3t
Glass 2016/17 3,986.3t
Glass 2015/16 15.9t
Glass 2014/15 54.5t
Landore, Wales
Glass 2017/18 18.4t
Glass 2016/17 1,428.0t