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Based in Bilston, Jmp Wilcox & Co Ltd and Wilcox Industrial Supply Co are two companies collectively known as Wilcox Textile Reclaimers. The group is involved in the reclamation, processing and export of fine quality clothing to Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia. It works closely with charities and local authorities, collecting unwanted textiles from more than 1,250 collection points across the UK. The products are then sorted at the Wilcox factory and exported for sale in the UK and overseas.
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Wednesfield, England

Wednesfield, England
Plastic 2017/18 182.2t
Plastic 2016/17 195.0t
Plastic 2015/16 150.8t
Plastic 2014/15 104.6t
Paper 2017/18 104.7t
Paper 2016/17 76.9t
Paper 2015/16 70.5t
Paper 2014/15 76.2t
Metal 2014/15 0.5t
Glass 2014/15 3.1t
Textiles 2017/18 2,479.2t
Textiles 2016/17 2,568.7t
Textiles 2015/16 2,455.5t
Textiles 2014/15 2,264.0t
Textiles 2017/18 32.5t