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Plastic 3,001t
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Paper 13t
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Metal 194t
Monoworld is a recycling company that operates out of its site in Bedfordshire, where it has the capacity to process 70,000 tonnes of paper and plastic waste. The site also contains an MRF which segregates paper, cardboard, plastics, metals and wood, resulting in low levels of materials ending up in landfill.
Destination Type:
Bedford, England
Rushden, England
Wilden, England

Rushden, England
Plastic 2017/18 1,304.9t
Plastic 2016/17 225.4t
Plastic 2015/16 12.8t
Plastic 2014/15 101.2t
Metal 2017/18 184.5t
Bedford, England
Plastic 2017/18 177.8t
Plastic 2016/17 94.6t
Wilden, England
Plastic 2017/18 1,518.7t
Plastic 2016/17 561.7t
Plastic 2015/16 863.9t
Plastic 2014/15 815.6t
Paper 2017/18 12.9t
Metal 2017/18 9.8t
Metal 2016/17 3.1t