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Metal 1,593t
Morris Metals is a scrap metal processing and recycling company based in Yorkshire. It buys and sells metal domestically and internationally, and has strong trading links with the Middle and Far East.
Destination Type:
Blaenhonddan, Wales
Cowbridge, Wales
Doncaster, England
Tickhill, England
Vale of Glamorgan, Wales

Tickhill, England
Plastic 2016/17 0.3t
Metal 2017/18 934.2t
Metal 2016/17 821.0t
Metal 2015/16 760.4t
Metal 2014/15 1,156.6t
Blaenhonddan, Wales
Metal 2017/18 259.6t
Metal 2016/17 51.9t
Cowbridge, Wales
Metal 2017/18 399.6t
Metal 2015/16 402.1t
Metal 2014/15 783.3t