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Metal 2,864t
Novelis is the world's leading recycler of alminium, recycling around 42 billion used drinks cans globally every year. It buys UK based aluminium cans and turns them into ingots, which can then be used again for the manufacture of cans.
Destination Type:
Appleton, England
Graig, Wales
Nachterstedt, Germany

Appleton, England
Metal 2017/18 2,765.5t
Metal 2016/17 2,131.3t
Metal 2015/16 2,059.9t
Metal 2014/15 1,106.3t
Graig, Wales
Metal 2017/18 98.1t
Metal 2016/17 82.9t
Metal 2015/16 22.3t
Nachterstedt, Germany
Metal 2016/17 0.9t