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Plastic 41t
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Paper 1,593t
Parry & Evans is a family-run paper and cardboard recycling company founded in 1961 and based in Welshpool, with a recycling plant in Deeside. The company offers collection and recycling services for a variety of grades of waste paper, which are then transported onwards to paper mills around the world.
Destination Type:
Castle Caereinion, Wales
Shotton, Wales

Shotton, Wales
Plastic 2017/18 41.0t
Plastic 2016/17 51.9t
Plastic 2015/16 7.9t
Plastic 2014/15 219.1t
Paper 2017/18 1,416.5t
Paper 2016/17 1,397.6t
Paper 2015/16 1,973.5t
Paper 2014/15 1,760.4t
Castle Caereinion, Wales
Paper 2017/18 176.5t
Paper 2015/16 0.7t
Paper 2014/15 457.8t
Paper 2016/17 21.8t