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Set up in 1991, The Salvation Army Trading Company is the trading arm of The Salvation Army, running charity shops to raise money for its charity work. It opened its first charity shop selling clothing, films, music, books and much more in 1993. The organization runs one of the largest clothing collection initiatives in the UK, with over 6,500 public donation banks in convenient locations like supermarkets or car parks, and a clothing collection headquarters in Kettering.
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Kettering, England
Pontypridd, Wales
Wellingborough, England

Kettering, England
Paper 2014/15 0.8t
Textiles 2017/18 314.3t
Textiles 2016/17 330.5t
Textiles 2015/16 319.5t
Textiles 2014/15 267.0t
Pontypridd, Wales
Textiles 2017/18 136.0t
Textiles 2016/17 134.5t
Textiles 2015/16 111.9t
Textiles 2014/15 78.4t
Wellingborough, England
Textiles 2017/18 219.9t
Textiles 2016/17 102.8t
Textiles 2015/16 49.5t
Textiles 2014/15 60.8t