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Organic Waste 1,094t
William Tracey is a recycling and waste management company based in Paisley, Scotland, and offers a full range of environmental services. Established in 1948, the company runs local depots in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Glenrothes, Irvine, Paisley, Ayrshire, Gateshead and provides services to central Scotland and northern England. The company offers full recycling services for materials including paper, food waste, plastics and glass.
Destination Type:
Beith, Scotland
Paisley, Scotland

Paisley, Scotland
Glass 2015/16 1.0t
Organic Waste 2017/18 3.1t
Beith, Scotland
Organic Waste 2017/18 1,090.8t
Organic Waste 2016/17 438.0t
Organic Waste 2015/16 20.9t