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Wrexham County Borough Council provides all homes with a weekly dry recycling collection service. In the majority of cases this is collected from a green box (tins, cans, plastic bottles and metal), a black box (glass bottles and jars) and a blue bag (paper).

In the summer of 2016, 13,000 properties were given Wheelie Boxes, a stacked unit of three recycling boxes on a trolley to simplify the sorting of materials.

A green wheelie bin taking garden waste is collected fortnightly, free of charge. Residents can have up to two 240-litre green bins taken each collection.

Food waste is collected alongside the green bins in a separate grey food waste caddy, and a weekly textiles collection service is provided for clean clothes and shoes (tied in pairs) presented in plastic carrier bags.

The council also provides a bulky household waste collection service for furniture, white goods, garden equipment, carpets and small and large WEEE at a cost of £40.50 for a minimum of eight items with all additional items collected at a cost of £8.10 per item.

One 240-litre bin’s worth of residual waste is taken a black or blue wheelie bin every two weeks.

The council runs three household waste recycling centres in the local area.

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Household waste recycling centres in Wrexham

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Where is your recycling going to?

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Amount recycled 16,267t
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CO2 avoided 976t
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Estimated disposal saving £1,740,535