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Gwydr 1,181t
Glass Recycling UK Ltd are the UK's largest glass recycling company, based in Barnsley with various depots around the UK. Every week it collects thousands of tonnes of glass bottles and jars and processes them into glass cullet, which can then be used to make new glass.
Destination Type:
Barnsley, England

Origin Local Authority Material Year Amount
Caerffili Gwydr 2020 143.0t
Sir Ddinbych Gwydr 2020 64.6t
Sir y Fflint Gwydr 2020 171.3t
Gwynedd Gwydr 2020 133.4t
Sir Fynwy Gwydr 2020 1.0t
Bro Morgannwg Gwydr 2020 647.3t
Conwy Gwydr 2020 17.2t
Powys Gwydr 2020 2.4t
Caerdydd Gwydr 2020 0.3t