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Metal 0t
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Organic Waste 33,706t
CWM Environmental are a waste and recycling company based in Camarthen. The company deals with all sorts of materials at its facilities across Camarthenshire. It has two MRFs, one to recover recyclables from waste destined for landfill and one to sort recycling collected in recycling bins, four HWRCs, a composting facility and runs a segregated waste collection service across South West Wales.
Destination Type:
Carmarthen, Wales
Llanegwad, Wales
Nantycaws, Wales

Origin Local Authority Material Year Amount
Cardiff Metal 2018 0.0t
Swansea Organic Waste 2018 10,987.6t
Carmarthenshire Organic Waste 2018 14,496.9t
Pembrokeshire Organic Waste 2018 8,221.7t
Cardiff Organic Waste 2018 0.2t