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Plastic 7t
Metal icon
Metal 2,883t
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Waste electrical and electronic equipment 1,102t
Wood 1t
Batteries 12t
EMR specialises in recycling scrap metal from a range of sources, from end-of-life vehicles to consumer products. It runs extensive ferrous and non-ferrous operations worldwide and produces over 100 grades of high-quality recycled materials which are taken to market by road, rail and shipping network. It also has specialist divisions for total waste management, industrial clearance and more.
Destination Type:
#N/A, #N/A
Bangladesh, India
Berkeley, England
Birmingham, England
Butetown, Wales
Cardiff, Wales
Crayford, England
Dalton-le-Dale, England
Gloucester, England
Great Sankey, England
Greater Manchester, England
Hereford, England
Kettering, England
Leeds, England
Liverpool, England
Manchester, England
Middlesbrough, England
Norton, England
Nottingham, England
Plymouth, England
Rochdale, England
Salford, England
Southampton, England
Southport, England
St Helens, England
Swindon, England
Walsall, England
Warrington, England
West Bromwich, England
Wolverhampton, England