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Plastic 142t
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Paper 96t
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Textiles 2,602t
Based in Bilston, Jmp Wilcox & Co Ltd and Wilcox Industrial Supply Co are two companies collectively known as Wilcox Textile Reclaimers. The group is involved in the reclamation, processing and export of fine quality clothing to Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia. It works closely with charities and local authorities, collecting unwanted textiles from more than 1,250 collection points across the UK. The products are then sorted at the Wilcox factory and exported for sale in the UK and overseas.
Destination Type:
Wednesfield, England
Wolverhampton, England

Origin Local Authority Material Year Amount
Torfaen Plastic 2018 32.4t
Powys Plastic 2018 0.5t
Cardiff Plastic 2018 52.1t
Newport Plastic 2018 0.2t
Neath Port Talbot Plastic 2018 13.3t
Ceredigion Plastic 2018 0.5t
Carmarthenshire Plastic 2018 28.5t
Vale of Glamorgan Plastic 2018 13.2t
Blaenau Gwent Plastic 2018 1.1t
Pembrokeshire Paper 2018 56.3t
Powys Paper 2018 5.1t
Merthyr Tydfil Paper 2018 18.9t
Newport Paper 2018 3.5t
Caerphilly Paper 2018 11.9t
Pembrokeshire Textiles 2018 167.1t
Torfaen Textiles 2018 268.8t
Conwy Textiles 2018 155.1t
Monmouthshire Textiles 2018 68.9t
Powys Textiles 2018 308.0t
Denbighshire Textiles 2018 185.9t
Cardiff Textiles 2018 168.2t
Merthyr Tydfil Textiles 2018 233.5t
Newport Textiles 2018 284.4t
Caerphilly Textiles 2018 10.9t
Bridgend Textiles 2018 181.0t
Neath Port Talbot Textiles 2018 404.4t
Ceredigion Textiles 2018 44.5t
Carmarthenshire Textiles 2018 53.1t
Blaenau Gwent Textiles 2018 68.0t