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Plastic 5,707t
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Metal 220t
Monoworld is a recycling company that operates out of its site in Bedfordshire, where it has the capacity to process 70,000 tonnes of paper and plastic waste. The site also contains an MRF which segregates paper, cardboard, plastics, metals and wood, resulting in low levels of materials ending up in landfill.
Destination Type:
Bedford, England
Northamptonshire, England
Rushden, England
unspecified, Unspecified
Wilden, England

Origin Local Authority Material Year Amount
Bridgend Plastic 2020 1,869.1t
Caerphilly Plastic 2020 496.3t
Cardiff Plastic 2020 358.5t
Carmarthenshire Plastic 2020 429.0t
Denbighshire Plastic 2020 22.3t
Flintshire Plastic 2020 182.8t
Monmouthshire Plastic 2020 599.9t
Neath Port Talbot Plastic 2020 401.0t
Pembrokeshire Plastic 2020 1,054.3t
Powys Plastic 2020 11.2t
Vale of Glamorgan Plastic 2020 107.0t
Ceredigion Plastic 2020 138.9t
Swansea Plastic 2020 37.2t
Caerphilly Metal 2020 19.9t
Carmarthenshire Metal 2020 55.7t
Flintshire Metal 2020 42.8t
Monmouthshire Metal 2020 70.7t
Pembrokeshire Metal 2020 7.6t
Cardiff Metal 2020 6.3t
Ceredigion Metal 2020 17.1t