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Cardiff City Council provides a mixed collection for recycles to just over 170,000 households in the city. 

Recycling packaging, such as plastics and tins, as well as paper and card, is ‘co-mingled’ in a green sack, which is collected once a week. Glass is separately presented in blue bins for recycling. 

Food waste is collected from 7-litre brown caddies weekly. 

Residual waste is collected fortnightly, either in red and white striped bags or in black wheeled bins up to 140 litres. Up to three of these bags can be put out every fortnight, and residents cannot order additional bags.

Cardiff Council offers a fortnightly garden waste collection service, apart from during November, December and February. Green bags and caddy liners can be collected free of charge from local stockists or can be ordered online/over the phone. White garden sacks can be ordered over the phone only, and cost £3 each.

110,000 other properties use a bin system, with the same bags and containers taking recycling and food waste, but narrow 140-litre black wheelie bins taking residual waste fortnightly. 

Flats can place the green recycling bags into communal green bins, which are emptied weekly. Food waste is also taken weekly from a communal bin, while communal general waste bins are taken every two weeks. Garden waste is collected from a communal bin, where needs are identified.

A nappy and absorbent hygiene collection service is available, with collections every fortnight for subscribers.

Cardiff Council provides a bulky household waste collection service for items such as furniture, mattresses and large WEEE. Items that are recyclable are collected for free while non-recyclable items can be collected at a cost of £12.50 for up to two items, £25 for between three and four items, and £37.50 for between five and six items.

 There are two household waste recycling centres across the county at Leckwith and Rumney.

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Household waste recycling centres in Cardiff

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Top 5 UK recycling destinations

1 Welsh Water, Cardiff, Wales 27,659t
Organic Waste
2 Day Aggregates Ltd, Bristol, England 12,426t
Incinerator Bottom Ash
3 Neal Soil Suppliers Ltd, Cardiff, Wales 5,775t
Rubble and aggregate
4 URM Ltd, North Elmsall, England 5,267t
5 Encirc Ltd, Upton, England 3,125t

Where is your recycling going to?

Top 10 countries (selected materials)

Where is your recycling going to?

Top 10 countries (selected materials)

Absorbent Hygiene Products