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Conwy offers residents a weekly multi-stream kerbside recycling collection in a three-box stackable system, the Trolibocs.

The system comprises: a 45-litre top box for paper and card; a 55-litre middle box for plastic bottles and containers, drink cartons and cans, which are collected together and later sorted; and a 55-litre bottom box for glass and cardboard, which are sorted at the kerbside.

Where Trolibocs are not practical, a small number of households have retained the old recycling system involving a bag for plastic and cans, a sack for paper and a box for glass and cardboard.

Food waste is also collected weekly from a separate caddy, which is emptied into the same resource recovery vehicles. A bulky household waste collection service taking furniture, large WEEE, carpets and beds for a minimum of £20 for up to four items, while additional items can be collected for an additional £4 per item

A garden waste collection service operates fortnightly, with re-usable garden waste bags available for £1.50 from local libraries. Up to six bags can be put out for collection at a time. On the same day as garden waste collection, textiles can be put out for collection in a purple sack while small electronics are collected in pink bags.

Residual waste is collected every four weeks in a 240 litre wheelie-bin.  Large households can request another bin.

The council also operates two household waste recycling centres.

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Household waste recycling centres in Conwy

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