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Denbighshire County Council operates a fortnightly co-mingled collection for dry recycling.

Mixed dry recycling, including cartons, plastics, glass bottles and jars, metal tins and cans, paper, and cardboard is presented in blue wheelie bins, which come in different sizes, or pink sacks.

Houses that aren't suitable for wheelie bins or rural properties can recycle tins, cans, glass bottles, cardboard and paper with a white recycling sack scheme.

Food waste collections from orange kerbside caddies take place each week. The council also operates a subscription-based garden waste service and five recycling and waste parks.

Garden waste is collected from 140-litre green wheelie bins or three dumpy sacks (this can be increased to two wheelie bins and six dumpy sacks), with a cost of between £22 and £34 for a renewable12-month service.

The council also runs a bulky household waste items collection, collecting furniture and small and large WEEE at a cost of £5 per item.

Residual waste collections take place on alternate weeks with waste presented in either 180-litre or 140-litre wheeled grey bins.

The council operates five recycling and waste parks in the area for residents to use for their domestic waste.

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Household waste recycling centres in Denbighshire

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