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Newport City Council offers a weekly kerbside-sort recycling service using two recycling boxes and one bag: a red bag for plastics, cans and foil; a green box for cardboard, cartons and glass jars; and a blue box for paper, small electrical items and clean textiles. The service is run by Wastesavers on behalf of the council.

Food waste is also collected weekly with the council providing liners and a food caddy.

Batteries can be recycled in partnership with ERP UK Ltd at Newport Market, local libraries or the Wastesavers Reuse Centre.

The council also provides a bulky household item collection service for furniture and large WEEE for £6 per item. Wastesavers Community Furniture Shop will also collect good quality furniture.

Garden waste in orange-lidded green bins and rubbish bins are collected fortnightly, on alternate weeks.

The council operates one household waste recycling centre.

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Household waste recycling centres in Newport

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Where is your recycling going to?

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