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Powys County Council provides residents with a weekly multi-stream kerbside recycling service.

Three bins are provided: a 55-litre red box topped with a net for plastics and cans; a 44-litre light blue box for glass bottles and jars; and a 44-litre dark blue box with a lid for paper and card.

In addition, food waste is collected weekly in a 23-litre kerbside caddy, which is complemented by a 5-litre internal caddy, for which the council provides liners. New liners can be requested free of charge.

The council operates a bulky household waste collection service collecting furniture and large WEEE, which can be booked online. Up to three standard items can be collected for a £30 charge, while items heavier than 50kg cost more depending on their weight.

A garden waste collection service is collected on a fortnightly basis between the start of March and the start of December. Residents must subscribe to the service, which can be done at the Council website.

The total annual costs is £35 for collections from a 240-litre wheeled bin, £30 for collections from a 120-litre wheeled bin and £30 for collections from a sack, with bins and/or sacks provided by the Council.

Residual waste is collected every three weeks, and the standard black wheelie bin is 180 litres, although additional capacity is available by request and following an assessment to ensure eligibility. Residents in flats are typically entitled to two rolls of purple sacks for residual waste a year, equivalent to the capacity of a 180-litre wheeled bin.

There are five household waste recycling centres across the county at Brecon, Llandrindod Wells, Lower Cwmtwrch, Newtown and Welshpool.

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Household waste recycling centres in Powys

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Where is your recycling going to?

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Amount recycled 32t
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CO2 avoided 18t
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Estimated disposal saving £3,581
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